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Anasounds Element - Le Bon Spring Reverb Bundle

Regular price £219.00

The Element is a pedal that offers the very essence of the analogue reverb, which is obtained by physically stimulating springs thanks to the guitar signal. Simply. From beautiful mechanical to analog signal processing.

It is always a standard sized pedal, with the same size as all our other pedals. On top of its input and output jacks, it has a mini-jack cable to connect to the spring tank through RCA connectors. This tank is indispensable because it is what allows to generate an analog Reverb effect.

Compared to other Spring Reverbs that use huge boxes, our tank is detached from the pedal and connected by a cable. Then the tank can be hidden under the pedalboard or kept on top.

Self-drilling screws are supplied with the tank to help you attach it to the desired location on your pedalboard.

Le Bon is the smallest of the tanks available, small in size but full of resources, it is amply sufficient for guitar and will save room to the point of leaving it scratched on top of the pedalboard, while admiring the beauty of moving springs!


• Mix: sets the Dry/Wet ratio of the signal. Crucial for mixing in the right amount of reverb. At minimum setting there is no reverb (100% dry, 0% wet), at maximum there's only reverb (0% dry, 100% wet).

• Out: sets the volume of the Wet signal only. At min there is no more reverb, at max the reverb's gain is about +9dB. +18dB in Spring Saturation mode.

• Low: acts on the 2 band active EQ, precisely on the low frequency side. At min we remove the basses completely, at max we gain +6dB. This is very useful when you want big layers or just a tiny reverb on the back of the mix.

• High: same setting but for treble.

• Spring Saturation: puts springs into saturation mode! When switched up the spring is intact and the signal passes like normal. When switched down, the spring saturates and the output level increases significantly, you get a kind of fuzz/overdrive that comes from the spring!