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Death By Audio Evil Fuzz Limited Edition 1 of 200

Regular price £159.00


Compact Ear-Shattering Fuzz with 2 Fuzz Modes 

This is a limited run of 200 units. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

The Evil Fuzz takes both of the Evil Filter’s fuzz circuits – one starved and chewy, the other insanely blasted into wavefold- ed fuzzy destruction – and stuffs ‘em into a bite-sized, pedal- board-friendly, laser-etched enclosure for raunchy dirt sounds, wicked octave fuzz, and blown-out diabolically waveshaped artifacts galore.

Heck, it’s even got a touch of super-sick blooming compression from the fuzz’s output (of which there is plenty) overloading your rig!

In Square mode, the Evil Fuzz serves up a gentler driving fuzz that has tons of power but also cleans up into a cutting overdrive when you bring down your instrument’s volume control.

Sine mode dishes out a meaner, louder, nastier fuzz that kicks your sound in the face with disgustingly amazing speaker-shredding fuzz sounds, splatty upper octave freakouts, and just has an all-around bad attitude.